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Instafollowers Terms of Service: Your Guide to Responsible Usage

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Thank you for choosing Instafollowers! We value your preference. Our terms may change, so stay updated. Accept past, current, and future terms by using our site.


Age Limits:
Instafollowers users must be 18 or supervised if 13-17 by consenting parent/legal guardian.


Website Use and Copyright:
We own content, excluding 3rd-party images. Seek permission before using. Our content and approved 3rd parties' are protected.


Limitation of Liability:
Users can't hold Instafollowers liable for breaches or losses during site use.


Use Instafollowers responsibly and as intended. Don't compromise security or change site elements.


Ordering service means managing social media ads on 3rd-party sites.


Confidential Information:
Your info completes orders and informs about promotions and 3rd-party sites. We don't sell your info.


Money-Back Guarantee:
Contact us for refunds within 3 days if undelivered. Longer delivery times have post-delivery refund options.


Social Media Accounts:
We're not liable for video/account loss during/after delivery. Use at your risk.


We correct site errors without prior notice.


Refund Policy:
Refunds for undelivered orders within 3 days. Longer times have delayed refund options. No refund for prompt, complete deliveries.


Privacy and Security Policy:
We retain customer info for membership, campaigns, errors, partnerships, but won't share with 3rd parties.


Payment And Security:
Payments via money transfer or secure credit cards (SSL and 3D secure).


Use of Cookies:
Cookies enhance site functionality. Allow them for better service.


Email Security:
Avoid sharing personal/credit card info via email. We don't use mail-order systems.


Exceptional Situations:
We may share info as required by authorities or for customer security.


Contact Us:
Website: https://www.instafollowers.biz/
Email: mail@instafollowers.biz

Use Instafollowers responsibly and stay informed!



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